Parikkalan keskusta (ilmakuva)PARIKKALA

Welcome to Parikkala! The region is famous for its nature and offers numerous natural attractions. Enjoy the clear, blue lakes, visit one of the interesting sights or just enjoy the outgoing atmosphere in South-Karelia.

We have four seasons full of activities. There’s plenty to do for tourists, lots of activities, events, sights and attractions for everybody. If you are looking for a quiet place in the middle of the nature, with clear and clean waters and lush, green forests, Parikkala has a lot to offer for you. The beautiful and versatile nature in Parikkala offers a perfect setting for a relaxing holiday.

Enjoy the Summer holiday! There are lots of activities, sights and attractions!

Check out the hiking routes, try out a new hobby, visit the Summer theatres and the art exhibitions or spend a relaxing holiday in a cottage away from the hustle and bustle of city life. For nature lovers Parikkala offers several sights and attractions, including the world famous Siikalahti wetland and many other curious natural attractions.

Information about Parikkala

The municipality of Parikkala is situated in the northeastern part of the Southern Finland Province, and it belongs to the South Karelia region. Geographically Parikkala is bordered with the municipalities of Ruokolahti and Rautjärvi and the cities of Savonlinna and Kitee. Besides, the length of the borderline shared with Russia is 65.1 km. The total area of Parikkala is 760.9 km², out of which 167.7 km² is covered by waters. The population is 5,371 (31.12.2014).