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Things to See

The world-famous Parikkala Sculpture Park is a place worth visiting along the main highway 6 that runs through Parikkala. The sculpture park consists of over 500 concrete statues and is a remarkable example of Finnish contemporary folk art.
Siikalahti is a significant bird wetland and the best lake in Finland for bird watching. It is a popular hiking area for birders, nature photographers and families with children.
Besides birdwatching Parikkala is famous for beautiful rural village sceneries, churches and museums.
Sights and attractions

Things to Experience

Parikkala is the place for active people. The possibilities for sports and leisure activities are very good during both Summer and Winter.
More information on sport classes, sport facilities and other recreational activities can be found on the Activities page.
Besides sports and recreational activities, Parikkala offers culture, art and different types of events.
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