Sights and attractions

History and culture

In Parikkala there’s plenty to see for history and culture enthusiasts. There are several unique museums, art galleries and exhibitions to visit. The eventful history of Parikkala is visible in many ways. Several stories and tales have been told about the historical events.

Magnificent experiences in nature

Siikalahti is the most valuable bird wetland in Finland. It is a popular hiking and birding destination among birders, nature enthusiasts and families with children. If you stay in Parikkala for longer, you should also visit the several bird wetlands in, for example, the Pien-Rautjärvi lake, explore the various hiking routes or just simply wander in the forests and pick berries.

The neighbouring towns and areas also have a lot to offer. Visit the Imatrankoski rapids (60km), the Olavinlinna Castle (60km), Punkaharju ridge (30km), Water Park Kesämaa (30km), Lusto, the Finnish Forest Museum (35km), or the lake Saimaa area with the cities of Imatra and Lappeenranta.

Ateljee-Koti Seppo Saukkonen

Birdwatching sites

Parikkala is among the inland areas where the highest numbers of bird species are met each year. Nearly 300 bird species have been seen in the area. Every year over 10,000 tourists visit the birdwatching sites in Parikkala. The most popular and famous of these sites is Siikalahti wetland which has also gained international recognition.

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Information on birdwatching possibilities in Parikkala.

Historical sights

Honkakylä Merchant’s Museum

Kids’ Bible Park

Koitsanlahti Manor

Museum of Horse-Drawn Vehicles and Agricultural Implements

Orthodox Chapel

Papinniemi archaeological site

The archaeological site is located near the Papinniemi camping site in Uukuniemi. It contains the remains of an Orthodox church, a cemetery and a village which were situated in the area in the 15th-17th centuries. The settlement was completely deserted in the middle of the 17th century. Excavations have been carried out in the area by the University of Turku. There have been numerous very interesting findings. You can explore the area independently.

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Parikkala Church

Parikkala Dairy Museum

Parikkala Local History Museum, Hauta-Olli’s Cottage

Parikkala Sculpture Park

Saari Church

Uukuniemi Church

Village landscapes