Canoening and Boating

The lakes Simpelejärvi and Karjalan Pyhäjärvi offer excellent possibilities for canoening and boating.

Lake Simpelejärvi
Simpelejärvi is mostly located in the region of the Parikkala municipality. There are numerous places from where to start exploring the lake, for example, in the city centre, Särkisalmi and in various other places around the municipality as many of the rental cottages and other accommodation providers are located by the lake. The possibilities for canoening are excellent too, there are several places where you can get back to the shore.

Lake Karjalan Pyhäjärvi
Karjalan Pyhäjärvi is famous for its clear waters. The northernmost part of the province of South Karelia extends to lake Karjalan Pyhäjärvi which is partly on Russian territory but mostly in the province of North Karelia. The Uukuniemi church village, which belongs to Parikkala, is located in a cape that stretches to the southern parts of lake Karjalan Pyhäjärvi. Papinniemi Camping is also located by the shores of Karjalan Pyhäjärvi.

Other canoening possibilities in Parikkala are found, for example, by river Joensuunjoki, Kirjavala Canal and in Tarvaslampi-Oronmylly region.