Cross-country skiing trails

Excellent possibilities for cross-country skiing in Parikkala! There are numerous skiing tracks with varying lengths all around Parikkala. The skiing trail network covers both styles, classic and skate skiing. There are also several skiing trails that are lit during dark times.

Akonpohja skiing trail (Koulutie 8, 59510 Saari)
A trail with a length of 1.2 km, best suitable for classic style. Located near the Saari elementary school. The trail is lit during dark times.

Arkusjärvi skiing trail (Kuutostie 1194, 59100 Parikkala)
A trail with a length of 2 km by the lake Arkusjärvi. The trail runs on an even terrain and is suitable for both classic and skate skiing.

Kinnarniemi and Kirjavala skiing trails
Skiing trail in the area of Akonpohja, Kirjavala and Kinnarniemi. Tönkivaara lean-to shelter is located along the trail. Starting points at the Saari Elementary School, Kirjavala Art and Craft School and the Kinnarniemi Youth Association Building.

Koitsanlahti skiing trail (Rapatintie, 59130 Koitsanlahti)
A trail with a length of 6 km in Koitsanlahti. Suitable for classic style and located on the eastern side of the Highway 6. Starting point by the intersection of the road Rapatintie.

Kummunkylä-Niukkala skiing trail
Skiing trail running between the villages of Kummunkylä and Niukkala. Length 21 km. There is also a possibility to ski a shorter distance of 7, 9 or 13 km. Starting point at the school in Kumpu and Rajapirtti in Niukkala.

Kummunkylä skiing trails (Kummun koulutie, 59710 Uukuniemi)
Skiing trails by the Uukuniemi school. Suitable for classic style, well-maintained throughout the skiing season. Length of the trails: 1 km, 3 km and 5 km.

Likolampi skiing trail (Uimalantie 1, 59100 Parikkala)
Illuminated skiing trail around the pond Likolampi, length 2.5 km. Starting point by the beach at Likolampi or by the parking space of the Harjulinna sports field.

Mikkolanniemi skiing trails (Mikkolanniementie 30, 59530 Mikkolanniemi)
Several classic style skiing trails in the area near the Mikkolanniemi activity centre. Lengths 3 km/10 km and 15 km.

Oronmylly-Särkisalmi skiing trails (Oronmyllyntie 250, 59310 Särkisalmi and Myllysuluntie 44 59310 Särkisalmi)
Skiing trails with the starting point at Oronmylly: Kyynärpäänjoki trail 13 km, Hiidenkirnu trail 9 km, Oronmylly-Särkisalmi trail 18 km.
Skiing trails with the starting point at Särkisalmi school: Kyynärpäänjoki trail 8 km, Hiidenkirnu trail 12 km, Särkisalmi-Oronmylly trail 18 km.

Oronmylly skiing trails (Oronmyllyntie 250, 59310 Särkisalmi)
Trails: 2 km/ 3 km/ 5 km, classic and skate skiing. The trail with the length of 3 km is illuminated. The skiing trails are maintained only on weekends. During the Winter holiday weeks the trails are maintained every day.

Siikalahti skiing trail
Siikalahti skiing trail runs around Siikalahti, Finland’s most valuable inland bird wetland. The trail runs on an even terrain and is well-suited for skiers of all skills. The best starting points are located by the road Kangaskyläntie, in Tiviä and Siikalahti.

Särkisalmi skiing trails (Rantapetalantie, 59310 Särkisalmi)
Skiing trail suitable for classic and skate skiing, length 2.2 km, lit during dark times. This skiing trail is linked with the Vuorela classic style skiing trail (length 5 km, no lighting).

Tarnala skiing trails (Niukkalantie, 59610 Tarnala)
Hätämäki skiing trail (12 km), starting point by the Tarnala skiing trail.

Tarnala skiing trail (Niukkalantie 516, 59610 Tarnala)
Skiing trail with a length of 2 km, lit during dark times. Demanding route, suitable for classic and skate skiing, located by the Tarnala school. There is a possibility to pass the steepest climbs, in which case the length of the trail is shortened to 1.5 km.

Uukuniemi skiing trails (Uukuniementie 954, 59730 Uukuniemi)
Uukuniemi skiing trails start from the Uukuniemi Youth Association Building. There are two trails with lengths of 1 km and 5 km, possibility for classic and skate skiing.