Ice skating and ice hockey

Experiencing the joy of speed on ice! Skating is a fun activity for everyone. There are three separate ice rinks, located in the centre of Parikkala, Särkisalmi and Niukkala. Put your skates on and enjoy!

Kirjola ice rink, Kirjolankatu 5, 59100 Parikkala
Ice hockey rink and ice skating rink next to the Kirjola school building. Warm dressing room.

Niukkala ice rink, Niukkalantie, 59720 Uukuniemi
Miniature ice hockey rink, size 40 m x 18 m. Warm dressing room.

Särkisalmi ice rink, Rantatie, 59310 Särkisalmi
Full-length ice hockey rink in the centre of Särkisalmi village. Warm dressing room.

Contact for more information Municipality of Parikkala / Jari Venhovaara +358 44 7811933,