The main market square is located in the city centre by the lake Simpelejärvi. Come and take a look at the new statue of the maid of Parikkala! Opening hours: Mon-Thu 8am-2pm, Fri 8am-8pm. On summer Sundays there's a coffee shop held by the local parish. Besides the main marketplace, there are also several other marketplaces in Parikkala.

There are four marketplaces in Parikkala:

Parikkala city centre, market square by the lake Simpelejärvi, address Parikkalantie 21, 59100 Parikkala. The marketplace is open from Monday to Thursday 8am-2pm, Friday 8am-8pm. On summer Sundays the local parish organises a coffee shop.

Saari, the parking lot of the municipal office building, address Akapohjantie 4, Saari. The market place is open on every Friday of July, at 6pm.

Uukuniemi, marketplace by the Uukuniemi church, open in July, Wednesdays 6pm-7pm and Saturdays 9am-10am. Coffee shop.

Niukkala, marketplace at the parking space of the library, Uukuniementie 1, 59720 Uukuniemi. Coffee shop. Opening hours: July, Fridays 6pm-7pm.


Parikkalan piikapatsas
The Maid of Parikkala statue
Parikkalan piiat
The maids of Parikkala
Torikauppaa Parikkalassa
Marketplace in Parikkala