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Ateljee-Koti Seppo Saukkonen

Birdwatching sites

Parikkala is among the inland areas where the highest numbers of bird species are met each year. Nearly 300 bird species have been seen in the area. Every year over 10,000 tourists visit the birdwatching sites in Parikkala. The most popular and famous of these sites is Siikalahti wetland which has also gained international recognition.

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Information on birdwatching possibilities in Parikkala.


Hiking Routes

The lush green forests, clear waters and the landscape sculpted by the Ice Age offer magnificent views and experiences for the hikers and nature lovers. Altogether Parikkala offers 80 kilometres of hiking routes and nature trails. All trails are marked in the ground or trees in the forest, and there are rest areas alongside the trails. The versatile Finnish nature opens along the routes: ridges, thickets of spruces, forest ponds, quiet sand roads and lush wetlands will accompany you in Parikkala. The lakes offer great possibilities for canoeing, fishing and boating. In the winter, there are excellent opportunities for practicing cross-country skiing.

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Parikkala Caravan Park

Parikkala Sculpture Park

Parikkalan Autotarvike Oy

Parturi-kampaamo Tivvii


Särkisalmi Hunting Lodge

Snowmobile Driving