Akonpohja birdwatching site is located by the lake Suuri Rautjärvi. The lake is a couple of kilometres long and one kilometre wide. The shores of the lake are filled with reeds, bushes, lush forests and cultivated fields.

Spring: Many water birds are met in the area.

Summer: The forests by the lake Suuri Rautjärvi serve as nesting place for icterine warblers, thrush nightingales and woodpeckers. From the reed beds you can hear the calls of Eurasian bitterns and the continuous singing of warblers.

Autumn: In autumn, water birds and grebes arrive at the lake.

Akonpohja birdwatching site is located to the south of the Akonpohja centre. From highway 6 turn to Akonpohja. After the petrol station, turn to right and follow the signposts. Drive along the narrowing road that turns gradually to the left until you reach a T-junction. By the junction, turn to the right and drive on for approximately one kilometre until you see a small parking space that fits one car in the right side of the road. There is a trail (approx. 100 metres) leading from the parking space to the shore of the lake.