Honkakylänlahti is also called Kanavalampi. It is a pond with a length of nearly two kilometres, surrounded by fields and bushes. The shallow shores are filled with Typha, beds of reeds and meadows. During summertime the water is covered with water lilies.

Spring: Honkakylänlahti is also called Kanavalampi. It is a pond that is connected to the Pien-Rautjärvi lake via a canal. The ice of the pond melts early in the Spring. The first birds to arrive are swans and waterfowl. The pond is a popular stopping point for many migrating birds and therefore rich in bird species.

Summer: For example Swan, Eurasian bitterns, Common cranes, several Anseriformes, Grebes, and Passerines nest in the area. Night singers are often met at the meadows and bushes by the pond. Ospreys regularly fish in the shallow waters of the pond.

Autumn: As the water is low, the slurry and muddy waters entice Waders and the meadows by the water are filled with resting water birds.

Honkakylänlahti is located south of the Mikkolanniemen village. Drive to the direction of the Saari church from Akonpohja. Drive around five kilometres until you see the sign Honkakylä on the left. Drive around three kilometres until you reach Honkakylä and an intersection of four roads. Turn to the right and park your car to the wider road area as soon as you see the lake scenery on your right side. The best way to observe birds is to stay by the side of the road and to use your telescope.