Night Singers

Parikkala is a good region for night singers. The ridges of Salpausselkä are the only places where night singers usually don't perform. The number of Blyth's reed warblers and thrush nightingales is large. The marsh warbler is not met as often as the Blyth's reed warbler, as it is a species that is more demanding of its habitat. Eurasian reed warblers and great reed warblers can be seen and heard at Siikalahti, and in some other reed beds by the area. Common grasshopper warblers and river warblers tend to stay by the bushes on the sides of the open fields. Savi's warblers and lanceolated warblers are rare birds in the area.

The beginning of the summer is the best time for night-time trips and listening to the night singers. There are plenty of Eurasian bitterns and rails in Siikalahti wetland and other bird lakes in Parikkala. The call of the Eurasian bittern is a deep, sighing fog-horn or bull-like boom with a quick rise and an only slightly longer fall, easily audible on a calm night. The water rail and spotted crakes nest in the area every year. Little crakes and Baillon’s crakes nest in the area occasionally.

During nighttime it is also possible to hear the calls of the European nightjar, owls and the Eurasian golden oriole.

The best time for enjoying the nocturnal concert is from early May to Mid-July. Note that the concert doesn’t start until after the midnight.