Sammallampi Pond

Sammallampi pond is two kilometres long and one kilometre wide. Over half of the surface of the pond is covered by large reed and bulrush beds. Bird species met in the area are the same as in Siikalahti wetland. The pond is surrounded by changing sceneries of forests and cultivated fields.

Spring: Many water birds rest in Sammallampi pond in the springtime.

Summer: Bird species nesting in the pond include, for example, swans, western marsh harriers, common cranes, rails and ducks. There are plenty of warblers in the bushes by the pond and in near-by open fields. The corn crake and the European nightjar can be heard in the early summer nights.

Autumn: It is possible to see a family of swans and some ducks.

Sammallampi pond is located near highway 6. Turn to the road Kolmikannatie from the highway 6. Drive on for about one kilometre until you see a high link tower on the left side of the road. Park on the path leading to the link tower, there’s space for a maximum of 3-4 cars. The road to the birdwatching spot by the pond starts from the opposite side of the road Kolmikannantie. Walk the small road for some twenty metres and pass the Orthodox church. The trail to the pond starts before you enter the backyard, right after the wood piles. The trail is very steep and it leads to the birdwatching spot that is located by the shore of the pond.