Hiking Trail Rajojen Reitti (E10)

Rajojen Reitti hiking trail is part of the E10 long distance hiking route. It starts from the Pöröpeikko hiking trail in the southern parts of Parikkala and ends at Oronmylly. The length of the hiking trail (Pöröpeikon polku - Oronmylly) is 16 km.

Rajojen Reitti is a hiking trail in the true wilderness. It runs through large and old pine and spruce forests, following a very old borderline that marks the Treaty of Teusina and the Treaty of Nystad. Nowadays the same borderline separates Parikkala and Punkaharju and the provinces of Southern Finland and Eastern Finland.

The terrain and forests via the trail go from one extreme to another. There are dark, deep forests, boreal forests and young forests. You can even find a couple of small and clear ponds along the hiking route. There are also several shelters, rest areas and campfire sites along the hiking trail.

As there’s plenty of forest birds, the trail offers great possibilities for birdwatching. You can see many Galliformes and it is also possible that the Siberian Jay comes to see you in hope of treats.

Driving instructions: Start the route from Oronmylly or the Pöröpeikonpolku hiking trail. Starting point: (61.58026, 29.27032).