Ice Age Hiking Trail

Along the Ice Age hiking trail you can explore the signs left to the scenery and nature by the Ice Ages. You can choose between two trails with lengths of 9 and 12 kilometres.

Along the route you can explore signs left to the scenery by the Ice Ages. There are sand fields formed in the ice lakes, ridges formed in the cracks in the ice cover and riverbeds eroded by the flowing water while the ice was melting. The greatest example is called Huttumalja, which is a deep kettlehole with a diameter of 60 metres. There are several information boards on the effect of the Ice Age to the nature.

The coniferous forest along the route offer great possibilities for birdwatching. The bird species in the area include, for example, wood grouses, crossbills and tits.

Driving directions: From Highway 6 turn to Uukuniemi, and drive on road 4021 for approx. 25 kilometres. The starting point is located at the Youth Association Building, along road Uukuniementie. The starting point of the hiking trail: (61.78106,30.00967)