Rantaraitti Hiking Trail and Sikoharju Nature Reserve

This route connects the city centre of Parikkala, the beautiful lake views of the lake Simpelejärvi and the Sikoharju nature reserve. The network of trails runs near the Parikkala city centre. Easy route with easy access and partly suitable for the disabled.

The route offers several trails with varying lengths. Rantaraitti trail is 1.5 km in length, and it is suitable for disabled. The trail is located by the shores of the lake Simpelejärvi and offers great possibilities for birdwatching. The large open waters of the lake and the shore in the direction of north to south are along the birds migration route during spring and autumn. In the busiest migrating days it is possible to watch tens of thousands of arctic geese flying over Parikkala.

Sikoharju nature reserve is part of a large ridge area. There are several hiking trails in the area. The length of the route is approx. 2 kilometres. On top of a ridge, near the Parikkala municipal building, you will find the memorial for the defenders of Ladoga. You can access the hiking route either from the Rantaraitti trail from the direction of Parikkala city centre or from the yard of the Parikkala municipal building (Harjukuja 6, 59100 Parikkala). The starting point of the hiking trail: (61.54126,29.52508).